• Plan and create your own events or business meetings

  • Connecting Ideas

  • We plan, manage and create the perfect event for you!

  • Set up business meetings for large or smaller audiences!

Time until the next event
March 11, ESD 2020, Argentina

One team, many talents

Every meeting requires the appropriate functional competences in the team. Depending on the meeting, a talented project manager will be always flexible with fast responses to your queries

Strong partnership

As some solutions demand technical expertise and/or skills beyond our internal competences, we have developed a network of best-in-market professional partners.

Personal Commitment

We put dedication, passion, flexibility and creativity first when selecting, developing and evaluating our staff. Our team has built longstanding relationships with key leaders and clients.

Latest Projects

Dec 2018 - Shanghai – China

4th ESD Conference

2-4 November 2018 - Karachi – Pakistan

1st Aga Khan University & U-Merge Videourology Conference

August 28-31, 2018 - Shanghai – China

7th IUM 2018

4 May 2018 - London – UK

SIU UK 2018

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